Beat Winter Boredom

Between the cooler weather and darker days, boredom is a common occurrence in the winter. And when kids are bored, what do they do? They drive their parents crazy! So here are some fun and productive ideas to keep children of all ages busy over the next couple months!

Time Estimate: 1 Hour

Have each family member add a couple funny clues to a hat and then hold a charades game. A great exercise for shy kids to break out of their shells. Film it for fun memories!

Time Estimate: 2-3 Hours

Hold a Polar Purge contest among your kids – the most number of personal items to throw away or donate wins a prize! Create assembly lines and waste basket “basketball” hoops to involve the whole family in purging shared spaces like play rooms.

Time Estimate: 1/2 Day

Give your kids a theme like “Breakfast for Dinner” and task them with finding recipes, checking the pantry/refrigerator for supplies, grocery shopping for missing items and, of course, cooking! For added problem-solving, give them a strict grocery budget!

Time Estimate: 2 Days

Pick an educational spot, like a science museum, within driving distance and plan a whole “learning” weekend around it. Keeping with the science theme, Friday night you could watch a movie like Meet the Robinsons and make an edible science experiment like homemade pop rocks. Saturday you hit the museum and talk about the cool things everyone learned!