Spring and Summer Fan-Favorites for Your Community

Use the excitement of the 2017 MLB and NHL® seasons to raise funds this spring and summer. To capitalize on the hype with fans in your community, plan your program around the following key dates:

  • Apr 2 – MLB Opening Day
  • Apr 2 – Oct 1 – MLB Regular Season
  • Now – Apr 9 – NHL® Regular Season
  • Apr 12 – Mid-June – NHL® Playoffs

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Three No or Low-Cost Ideas for Baseball Team Building

Youth Baseball Team

Camaraderie among players is the foundation of a great baseball team and, often times, friendships that last a lifetime. Based on our experiences running fundraisers with some really cohesive groups over the years, we put together these three no or low-costs ideas for effective team building on and off the field.

  • Encourage Nicknames – To the announcer and crowd, they’ll always be known by their number and last name. But to instill some camaraderie, encourage players to give one another unique nicknames based on notable personality traits, e.g. “Chuckles” for a contagious laugh, or skills, e.g. “Cheetah” for a fast runner. For added fun, hold a naming ceremony at a team get-together!
  • Secret Signals or Handshakes – The catcher and pitcher have their own signals for during the game, but how about other secret signals or a handshake that all players can use to communicate in everyday life? Because sharing a bond off the field, helps players feel more connected when in matters most – during practice and games.
  • Create a Community – The support from fans in the stands and throughout the community cannot be understated. So encourage coaches and parents to connect by hosting team events, e.g. after game dinner at a local restaurant, and get your team name and logo out there with affordable team swag like Custom Cups from SpiritCups Fundraising.Custom Baseball Cups

Approvals and Orders for Custom Cups

So you received your custom cup digital proof and quote.

What’s next?

Once you review your proof, please reply to the email your received with one of the following responses:
a)   Approved As Is (Please scan and email a signed copy of the Art Approval Form)
b)  Revisions Need (Please notate revisions via email)
Once your artwork is approved, you may make payment in one of the three methods:
1. Credit Card Payment by calling our Accounting Department at 888-825-9339 x113

2. Check or money order and copy of your invoice mailed to:

SpiritCups Fundraising
Invoice # Begins with CSC and is on your order quote
2002 Eastwood Road, Suite 102
Wilmington, NC 28403

3. Purchase Order (Schools Only) emailed to customcups@spiritcups.com or
faxed to 910-509-9293. Please be sure to include your invoice number on your school purchase order. School purchase orders must be signed. Terms for all purchase orders are net 30 days.
Payment must be made in one of the three methods above prior to production. Production time is 4 weeks from art approval and receipt of payment. Shipping time is approximately 3-5 business days following production. Check payments must clear prior to production starting.

To learn more about the Custom Cups program, click here or call 888-825-9339.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

It’s hard to put into words, gifts or celebrations just how much we appreciate our teachers, but we can certainly try! See below for some fun and meaningful ideas and contact us if you need extra funds to cover your costs!

  • Set the Bar Higher – Give teachers something to be excited about during Teacher Appreciation Week by surprising them with a different food “bar” each day. Sample ideas include popcorn, sundaes, baked potatoes, nachos or salads.
  • Walk of Fame – Put big stars outside of each teacher’s classroom and/or create a Walk of Fame into the Teacher’s Lounge with a star for each teacher. For added appreciation, include their “leading role” or claim to fame within your school, e.g. Most School Spirit or Best Storyteller
  • Stock the Classroom – We all know that teachers often purchase their own classroom supplies. So one idea is to conduct a survey of teachers’ top needs and wants to help make their jobs just a little easier and surprise them with a care package!
  • More Hands on Deck – Recruit parent volunteers to help with some of teachers’ added responsibilities like recess or lunch duty to give them more free time to lesson plan and grade papers – work they’d otherwise take home with them.
  • Let them Shop – Treats with a cute printable like these are great, but sometimes the best present is a gift card – essentially an invitation to spend a little money on themselves. Amazon is always a good option, as is places like Target or national chain restaurants.

How will your school celebrate their special teachers?

Why Baseball Will Always be America’s Pastime

April 3rd is MLB Opening Day, so now is the time to start a fundraiser with SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups in all 30 MLB clubs! And if you don’t already know, here’s why baseball will always be America’s pastime.

  • It’s timeless – While there are other sports that may be more “exciting”, the slower cadence of baseball is what makes it so enjoyable. It’s a blast to the past of quieter, more simple times.
  • It’s impressionable  – Just like depicted in the iconic song, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, there is nothing like the experience of seeing a baseball game live. If you grew up playing baseball or attending games, you know the feeling well.
  • It’s accessible – Whether you’re playing catch in the backyard, hitting balls at a batting cage, starting out with tee ball or making it to the Major Leagues, the fundamentals are the same. So people of all ages and all abilities can enjoy the game!

To start a fundraiser with the power and mass appeal of MLB, click here or call 888-825-9339.

3 Ways to Place Your Fundraising Order

  1. Mail in all of your order forms to:

    SpiritCups Fundraising
    [Your Organization Name/User ID]
    2002 Eastwood Road, Suite 102
    Wilmington, NC 28403

    Be sure to include your contact information and User ID (provided in your Welcome email) so we can contact you if we have any questions on your order.

  2. Download a Scan app on your phone. Scan your order forms and email to moc.s1490898769pucti1490898769rips@1490898769ofni1490898769.

  3. Enter your complete order through our online e-store. For a helpful guide for placing your order in our e-store, click here.

If you have any questions about submitting your order to us, please give us a call at 888-825-9339.

End-of-Year School Fundraising Cheat Sheet

There are only a couple months left in the 2016-17 school year, meaning it’s time to make plans for some end-of-year fundraising. And only SpiritCups has a cheat sheet to make it simple!

With SpiritCups Fundraising, you keep all profits upfront so you can easily fund that big end-of-year party or put the profits aside for next school year! To get started now, click here or give us a call at 888-825-9339.

Four Spirited Kick-Off Ideas

What makes a SpiritCups Fundraising program so special? The fan-appeal of America’s favorite teams! So it only makes sense to channel that energy with your SpiritCups Fundraising kick-off and here’s how:

Flaunt Your Fan Spirit –  Hold a kick-off event and invite everyone to wear jerseys and other gear in their favorite NFL, MLB, NHL or college team. For added fun – group team fans together by jersey color and capture a “rainbow-colored” photo to promote your fundraiser on social media!



Capitalize on Season Hype – NFL Super Bowl in the winter, MLB Opening Day in the spring, NFL Kick-Off in the fall, every season has reason for fans to celebrate! Plan your fundraiser kick-off around a season-opener or big game for a local favorite to capitalize on the hype.



Put Pep in Your Fundraising Step – For schools, consider combining your fundraiser kick-off with a school pep rally and get the team and cheerleaders involved in passing out the catalogs. A captive audience already excited about supporting the school team, is a great opportunity to tee up fundraising with your community’s favorite pro and college teams!



Get Sport-Specific – For youth sports teams, consider a sport-specific kick-off event celebrating all things baseball, football or hockey and focus on the power and mass appeal of one of the SpiritCups Fundraising licenses: MLB, NFL or NHL. For example, a football team could kick-off their fundraiser with a NFL trivia night and yummy “snack stadium”.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to convey your total and per participant fundraising goals and why you’re raising money, e.g. “We need everyone to sell at least 2 packs of SpiritCups, so we can reach our goal of $3,000 to purchase new equipment for the season!”

Oh the Possibilities…

With high quality cups custom designed to feature your beloved logo and colors, the possibilities are endless! But here are some examples of how groups just like yours are utilizing the new Custom Cups program.

  • Drink Upsell at Concession Stands – Raise funds during performances and sporting events by offering thirsty fans the option to purchase their soda in a commemorative cup for a couple dollars more!
  • Affordable Swag – Schools and youth sports organizations have no shortage of supporters, but not everyone wants to spring for higher dollar swag. Enter the high quality, but totally affordable, beverage cup. Perfect for a school, gym or studio store!
  • Pop-Up Fundraiser – Set-up participants with tables of your custom cups in high foot traffic areas like a local mall. Order both beverage cups and travel tumblers to give “shoppers” two great options!
  • Giveaways for Key Players – Tell teachers, coaches and volunteers you appreciate their dedication on the job with custom travel tumblers for their daily commute! A nice gesture at the start or end of the school year/season.

If you had a case of custom beverage cups or travel tumblers, how would you use them? To learn more about the Custom Cups program, click here or call 888-825-9339.