3 Ways to Place Your Fundraising Order

  1. Mail in all of your order forms to:

    SpiritCups Fundraising
    [Your Organization Name/User ID]
    2002 Eastwood Road, Suite 102
    Wilmington, NC 28403

    Be sure to include your contact information and User ID (provided in your Welcome email) so we can contact you if we have any questions on your order.

  2. Download a Scan app on your phone. Scan your order forms and email to moc.s1488071543pucti1488071543rips@1488071543ofni1488071543.

  3. Enter your complete order through our online e-store. For a helpful guide for placing your order in our e-store, click here.

If you have any questions about submitting your order to us, please give us a call at 888-825-9339.

End-of-Year School Fundraising Cheat Sheet

There are only a couple months left in the 2016-17 school year, meaning it’s time to make plans for some end-of-year fundraising. And only SpiritCups has a cheat sheet to make it simple!

With SpiritCups Fundraising, you keep all profits upfront so you can easily fund that big end-of-year party or put the profits aside for next school year! To get started now, click here or give us a call at 888-825-9339.

Four Spirited Kick-Off Ideas

What makes a SpiritCups Fundraising program so special? The fan-appeal of America’s favorite teams! So it only makes sense to channel that energy with your SpiritCups Fundraising kick-off and here’s how:

Flaunt Your Fan Spirit –  Hold a kick-off event and invite everyone to wear jerseys and other gear in their favorite NFL, MLB, NHL or college team. For added fun – group team fans together by jersey color and capture a “rainbow-colored” photo to promote your fundraiser on social media!



Capitalize on Season Hype – NFL Super Bowl in the winter, MLB Opening Day in the spring, NFL Kick-Off in the fall, every season has reason for fans to celebrate! Plan your fundraiser kick-off around a season-opener or big game for a local favorite to capitalize on the hype.



Put Pep in Your Fundraising Step – For schools, consider combining your fundraiser kick-off with a school pep rally and get the team and cheerleaders involved in passing out the catalogs. A captive audience already excited about supporting the school team, is a great opportunity to tee up fundraising with your community’s favorite pro and college teams!



Get Sport-Specific – For youth sports teams, consider a sport-specific kick-off event celebrating all things baseball, football or hockey and focus on the power and mass appeal of one of the SpiritCups Fundraising licenses: MLB, NFL or NHL. For example, a football team could kick-off their fundraiser with a NFL trivia night and yummy “snack stadium”.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to convey your total and per participant fundraising goals and why you’re raising money, e.g. “We need everyone to sell at least 2 packs of SpiritCups, so we can reach our goal of $3,000 to purchase new equipment for the season!”

Oh the Possibilities…

With high quality cups custom designed to feature your beloved logo and colors, the possibilities are endless! But here are some examples of how groups just like yours are utilizing the new Custom Cups program.

  • Drink Upsell at Concession Stands – Raise funds during performances and sporting events by offering thirsty fans the option to purchase their soda in a commemorative cup for a couple dollars more!
  • Affordable Swag – Schools and youth sports organizations have no shortage of supporters, but not everyone wants to spring for higher dollar swag. Enter the high quality, but totally affordable, beverage cup. Perfect for a school, gym or studio store!
  • Pop-Up Fundraiser – Set-up participants with tables of your custom cups in high foot traffic areas like a local mall. Order both beverage cups and travel tumblers to give “shoppers” two great options!
  • Giveaways for Key Players – Tell teachers, coaches and volunteers you appreciate their dedication on the job with custom travel tumblers for their daily commute! A nice gesture at the start or end of the school year/season.

If you had a case of custom beverage cups or travel tumblers, how would you use them? To learn more about the Custom Cups program, click here or call 888-825-9339.

Beat Winter Boredom

Between the cooler weather and darker days, boredom is a common occurrence in the winter. And when kids are bored, what do they do? They drive their parents crazy! So here are some fun and productive ideas to keep children of all ages busy over the next couple months!

Time Estimate: 1 Hour

Have each family member add a couple funny clues to a hat and then hold a charades game. A great exercise for shy kids to break out of their shells. Film it for fun memories!

Time Estimate: 2-3 Hours

Hold a Polar Purge contest among your kids – the most number of personal items to throw away or donate wins a prize! Create assembly lines and waste basket “basketball” hoops to involve the whole family in purging shared spaces like play rooms.

Time Estimate: 1/2 Day

Give your kids a theme like “Breakfast for Dinner” and task them with finding recipes, checking the pantry/refrigerator for supplies, grocery shopping for missing items and, of course, cooking! For added problem-solving, give them a strict grocery budget!

Time Estimate: 2 Days

Pick an educational spot, like a science museum, within driving distance and plan a whole “learning” weekend around it. Keeping with the science theme, Friday night you could watch a movie like Meet the Robinsons and make an edible science experiment like homemade pop rocks. Saturday you hit the museum and talk about the cool things everyone learned!

New Catalog 2017

SpiritCups Fundraising 2017 Catalog Please click here for a PDF version of our new catalog for 2017

What’s New about the Catalog?
The SpiritCups Fundraising catalog now includes available designs and a built-in order form all-in-one! No more fumbling around with multiple documents. Simply sell officially licensed sports drinkware and record orders with our new catalog.

Another feature includes actual size images of our drinkware with selling points, so your supporters really get a feel for the products.

SpiritCups Fundraising 2017 Catalog Product Detail

The full inside view shows all available teams and design SKUs with an adjacent order form for simple order taking.

SpiritCups Fundraising 2017 Catalog SKUs and Order Form

What’s New about our Fundraising Program?
To help you reach your fundraising goal faster, we are now offering a GUARANTEED 40% PROFIT on all our catalog fundraisers. That means your group will earn $8.00 per 4-pack of SpiritCups or 2-pack of SpiritTravelCups, regardless of number of packs sold.

We are also offering free shipping to groups who sell 250 or more packs of cups. And when your group sells 300 or more packs, we will individually pre-pack your complete catalog order by participant.

Lastly, we’re making a commitment to create new designs more frequently to keep your fans coming back for more year-after-year!

To see how those designs become the 3D lenticular cups everyone knows and loves, check out this awesome video from our parent company, Dynamic Drinkware.

How Do I Submit My Orders?
We offer three great options for submitting orders.

Option 1 – Online order entry using our E-Store. For instructions on entering your catalog order online, please refer to this helpful guide.

Option 2 – Mail your orders to us and we’ll do the entry for you. For mail-in orders, we recommend the following:

  1. Make a copy of each of the order forms in your catalog order.
  2. Mail-in the copies with your contact and account information to SpiritCups Fundraising 2002 Eastwood Road, Suite 104, Wilmington, NC 28403

Option 3 – Email your orders to moc.s1488071543pucti1488071543rips@1488071543ofni1488071543 and save some time and money. Make sure you include the GROUP NAME and ACCOUNT NUMBER (provided in your welcome email when you start your fundraiser) in the subject line.

HELPFUL HINTS: You can use your smartphone to scan a copy of your order forms by downloading a free scan app like Tiny Scanner or Genius Scan. Once you scan your order forms, you can simply email them to us directly from your phone. We recommend saving your order forms in groups of 10 or less so the PDF file size is not too large for sending via email.

Other Notes:
1) No changes to our free online SpiritCups Direct fundraising program. Groups receive $7.00 profit for each pack of cups sold.
2) Please click here for our latest info flyer.

If you have any questions regarding our new catalog or program, please contact our Customer Care team at 888-825-9339. If you are ready to start your fundraiser with a fantastic new catalog and guaranteed 40% profit, CLICK HERE.

All the Ways to Show Support

Fundraising is an important function for all youth organizations. Lucky for these impactful groups, there are lots of ways for parents and community fans to show their support.

Promoter – Help spread the word about local fundraisers by promoting their causes in conversations and on social media.

Supporter – Directly help groups reach their goals by making fundraising purchases. In return, your community might reciprocate and support the causes important to you.

Participant – The success of a fundraiser very much depends on participation, so take a catalog and join the troops raising money within your community.

Kickoff and Distribution Volunteer – The beginning and end of a fundraiser often require extra hands, so volunteer to help the fundraising coordinator during these busy times.

Fundraising Coordinator – Last, but certainly not least, you can be in charge of running the fundraiser from start to finish – selecting the program, setting the goal, recruiting participants, placing the order and managing distribution!

For Your Family’s Future

The start of a new year is a great time to make lifestyle changes to improve the overall health and wellness of your family. See below for mind, body and spirit ideas that everyone can get behind.

Hearty Breakfast – mornings are hectic, so it’s easy to skimp on breakfast, but it really is the most important meal of the day. Consider something made the night before like this recipe for Banana Slow Cooker Overnight Steel Cut Oats.

Healthy Snacks – kids, especially teenagers, can be lazy, so it’s important to make healthy snacks easy and accessible. That’s why we love the idea of self-serve refrigerator and pantry snack boxes pre-filled with parent-approved options.

Practicing Self-Love – Encourage everyone in your family to celebrate their strengths vs. criticizing their weaknesses. And put a positive spin on eating right and exercising explaining that it shouldn’t feel like punishment, but rather rewarding.

Increased Activity – Getting 8 hours of sleep is very important, but for the other 16 hours a day, let’s try to move! Consider riding bikes instead of driving, a quick family walk before dinner, stability balls instead of desk chairs and picking individual sports or other physical activity that you enjoy.

Super ‘Bowl’ Recipes for Game Day

Super Bowl LI is almost here – time for fellowship, football and, of course, good food! To get your taste buds kicking, here are two dip ideas inspired by the match-up between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. Good luck to both teams and we can’t wait for the next NFL season already!

For Atlanta Falcons fans, paying homage to a Southern classic, we have Fully Loaded Hot Pimento Cheese Dip.

For New England Patriots fans, a special twist on your famous soup, get some Clam Chowder Dip in a Bread Bowl.

Save School Fundraisers for Spring

Traditionally, the majority of school fundraising takes place in the fall…the same time as football, cheer, travel baseball and band boosters. But not anymore. Many schools are now seeing greater success by waiting until the spring because, compared to fall, there is less fundraising competition within your community. Plus, school fundraisers in the spring may see increased focus from students and their families. Win, win. And only SpiritCups Fundraising offers cups in spring’s hottest sports including Major League Baseball, National Hockey League® and college basketball!