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College Prep 101

For parents across the country, this fall is the main event, the time when their son or daughter will start college and put their years of parenting to the test. For those approaching this big milestone, here’s a quick rundown on four characteristics and skills of a successful college student.

Guide to Social Media Fundraising

One of the best ways to increase fundraising profits is to increase your reach and with over 80% of the U.S. population on social media, promoting through channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is how you do it! See below for a quick Guide to Social Media Fundraising and don’t forget about our free online e-store, SpiritCups Direct, for direct shipments to friends and family anywhere in the U.S. Also, check out our social media resources!

Ways to Balance Media Usage

Without the structure of school, it’s common for families to fall into bad media habits in the summer. So now is a great time to set some guidelines so everyone is happy, healthy and productive. Here are some practices to consider putting in place.

  • No Devices During Dinner – Use meal times to connect with family members, not personal devices. Turn off the TV too.
  • Encourage Education – When there is whining to watch TV or play with an iPad, require an educational show or learning app first.
  • Power Down Early – To ensure restful sleep, turn off the TV and devices well in advance of bedtime and instead take an evening walk, a hot shower or read a book.
  • Media after Movement – Like outlined by Fuel Up to Play 60, kids should get at least 1 hour of physical activity a day. Once they’ve reached that goal, then consider some media time.
  • Make it Special – Instead of media to just fill the time, make it a special treat! For example, you could plan the evening around one special show the family likes to watch together or incentivize daily chores to earn 15 minute increments.

Four Schools Out for the Summer Job Ideas

As a fundraising organization we know first-hand that money doesn’t grow on trees. And with school out for a couple months, the summer is a perfect time for older kids to learn some financial responsibility with a part-time job like these ideas below..

Tutoring – Whether it’s a refresh of past curriculum or getting a head start on new material, a little one-on-one learning throughout the summer helps ensure success in the fall. Tip: Pick an area where you excel, like math, or hone in on an age group where you feel that you can make an impact, like pre-kindergarten.

Home and Lawn – Painting, yard work or cleaning out an attic, almost everyone can use an extra hand from time-to-time. As a bonus, a lot of “handy work” let’s you enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Tip: Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades, consider specializing in one niche, like lawn mowing, so you can build your reputation and referrals.

Service Industry – With free days, nights and weekends, working at a popular restaurant or coffee shop can be a really fun and lucrative summer job option. And customer service is such a great lifelong skill! Tip: Pick one of your favorite spots, so it won’t feel like work at all!

Seasonal – Most towns have places that are only open during the summer, like water parks, or just busiest during that time, like ice cream parlors, and these places are always looking for added help. Tip: Look for an establishment that retains their seasonal staff, so you have a job summer after summer.

Three Ways to Show Mom Love

We polled the moms at SpiritCups Fundraising to get the scoop on what they really want for Mother’s Day and, great news, there is still time to show your love and appreciation!

  • Show Consideration – So much of what parents do on a daily basis goes “unnoticed”, so take the time on Mother’s Day for small, but meaningful gestures, and give praise that might otherwise go unsaid like, “you excel at not one, but three ‘jobs’ and we’re so grateful for everything you do!”.
  • Take Snapshots – Any mom will agree, kids grow up too fast. So one of the best gifts you can give is something that captures a special period in time. Think framed favorite, but forgotten pictures of children as babies or a scrapbook of a memorable family trip.
  • Honor Identity – Life is so busy that many moms don’t have much time for themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have wants and needs. So let her know you’ve been watching and listening by fulfilling a wish like a must-have spa treatment, new book by a favorite author or long coveted wardrobe item.

Moms (and Dads) truly have the most important jobs in the world and we’re so thankful for the special parents in our lives!

Northwestern Middle School Football

Northwestern Middle School FootballRepresentative, Tony Overpeck, was on site with the Northwestern Middle School football team during their first day of spring training.  They are a great group of young men led by dedicated coaches poised to achieve success together.

They are working hard on and off the field to sharpen their skills and raise the funds necessary to purchase the best and safest football equipment. SpiritCups and Dynamic Drinkware Fundraising will be helping this group achieve their goals.

Unique Gift Card Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Gift Cards for Teacher Appreciation

Gift cards and certificates make great last minute Teacher Appreciation presents and they can be really meaningful when you play into the recipient’s unique personality. See below for inspiration on showing appreciation for the special teachers in your community.

  • The Neat Freak – House Cleaning Gift Certificate. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a tidy classroom, so much so that the home sometimes suffers. So help a teacher start the summer fresh with a clean house! Tip: Make sure to get recommendations for a reputable service.
  • The Movie Buff – Movie Theater Gift Card. It’s no secret that teachers work nights and weekends during the school year, so help them celebrate some “me-time” with money towards the movies! Tip: Make it a “dinner and a movie” with a restaurant gift card as well.
  • The Adventure Seeker – “Bucket List” Gift Certificate. We all know teachers who spend their limited free-time being active and trying something new. Maybe you’ve even heard them say at some point, “I’ve always wanted to do [blank],” like zip lining. Tip: Adventures take planning, so be sure they have plenty of time to redeem before the gift certificate expires.
  • The Fun Mom or Dad – “Family Play” Gift Card. Many teachers are also parents who really treasure spending extra time with their kiddos in the summer. So help them make memories by giving a gift card to a local family play place like a put-put golf course or water park. Tip: Make sure you consider the age of their children.
  • The Foodie – Meal Subscription Gift Card. If you know a teacher who loves to cook, consider a gift card for a meal subscription service. They deliver fresh ingredients for pre-plan menus right to their door, so cooking a delicious meal is a snap. Tip: This is a great gift idea for the school year too.