Edgerton Elementary School Kicks Off with SpiritCups Fundraising!

On March 29, 2017, SpiritCups representative, Mike Lukachek was on location at Edgerton Elementary School to help them with their SpiritCups kick-off. Edgerton is mixing it up this year with two new fundraising twists:

  1. Edgerton created their own Custom Tumblers featuring their bulldog mascot and school colors! Edgerton will sell their custom tumblers as well as NFL, MLB, College and U.S. Military SpiritCups during their fundraiser to appeal to fans near and far.
  2. The school district is located near the Ohio/Michigan border. In spirit of the famous Ohio State and Michigan rivalry, two schools in the district are having a competition. One school principal is an Ohio State Buckeyes fan. One school principal is a Michigan Wolverines fan. Whichever school sells the most SpiritCups will enjoy seeing the other school wearing the rival team’s colors (of the opposing school’s principal’s favorite team Michigan or Ohio State). Keep an eye out for a future post for the results and join our mailing list below!

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