4 Football Fundraising Kick-Off Ideas

Football Fundraiser Kick-Off IdeasWhat makes a SpiritCups Fundraising program so special? The fan-appeal of America’s favorite teams! So it only makes sense to channel that energy with your SpiritCups Fundraising kick-off and here’s how:

Flaunt Your Fan Spirit –  Hold a kick-off event and invite everyone to wear jerseys and other gear in their favorite NFL, MLB, NHL or college team. For added fun – group team fans together by jersey color and capture a “rainbow-colored” photo to promote your fundraiser on social media!



Capitalize on Season Hype – NFL Super Bowl in the winter, MLB Opening Day in the spring, NFL Kick-Off in the fall, every season has reason for fans to celebrate! Plan your fundraiser kick-off around a season-opener or big game for a local favorite to capitalize on the hype.



Put Pep in Your Fundraising Step – For schools, consider combining your fundraiser kick-off with a school pep rally and get the team and cheerleaders involved in passing out the catalogs. A captive audience already excited about supporting the school team, is a great opportunity to tee up fundraising with your community’s favorite pro and college teams!



Get Sport-Specific – For youth sports teams, consider a sport-specific kick-off event celebrating all things baseball, football or hockey and focus on the power and mass appeal of one of the SpiritCups Fundraising licenses: MLB, NFL or NHL. For example, a football team could kick-off their fundraiser with a NFL trivia night and yummy “snack stadium”.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to convey your total and per participant fundraising goals and why you’re raising money, e.g. “We need everyone to sell at least 2 packs of SpiritCups, so we can reach our goal of $3,000 to purchase new equipment for the season!”

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