Four Schools Out for the Summer Job Ideas

As a fundraising organization we know first-hand that money doesn’t grow on trees. And with school out for a couple months, the summer is a perfect time for older kids to learn some financial responsibility with a part-time job like these ideas below..

Tutoring – Whether it’s a refresh of past curriculum or getting a head start on new material, a little one-on-one learning throughout the summer helps ensure success in the fall. Tip: Pick an area where you excel, like math, or hone in on an age group where you feel that you can make an impact, like pre-kindergarten.

Home and Lawn – Painting, yard work or cleaning out an attic, almost everyone can use an extra hand from time-to-time. As a bonus, a lot of “handy work” let’s you enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Tip: Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades, consider specializing in one niche, like lawn mowing, so you can build your reputation and referrals.

Service Industry – With free days, nights and weekends, working at a popular restaurant or coffee shop can be a really fun and lucrative summer job option. And customer service is such a great lifelong skill! Tip: Pick one of your favorite spots, so it won’t feel like work at all!

Seasonal – Most towns have places that are only open during the summer, like water parks, or just busiest during that time, like ice cream parlors, and these places are always looking for added help. Tip: Look for an establishment that retains their seasonal staff, so you have a job summer after summer.