Gifts that Don’t Come from a Store

december-2016-newsletter-1“Stuff” like toys and electronics are hot one second and not the next, but special memories last a lifetime. And believe it or not, positive experiences are something on every boy and girl’s wish list. Here are some low or no-cost ideas that are sure to delight kids of all ages:

  • One-On-One Dates – Busy schedules and multiple kids make one-on-one quality time rare for most families. A simple date like hot cocoa at a coffee shop will go a long way!
  • Work Together – Model airplane, puzzle or household project, working together to build or fix something is both an excellent learning exercise and a bonding experience.
  • Make a Meal – Let them pick the recipe or teach them one of your favorite family ones and have them help with everything from prep to clean-up. Holiday cookie baking is another fun idea!
  • Trip Down Memory Lane – Take them somewhere near and dear to you like your childhood home or a hangout you used to frequent as a teenager. Take the opportunity to tell them stories that relate to their experiences as a kid or young adult.
  • Try Something New – Decide on something you and your kids have always wanted to try and tackle it together! So much less intimidating and much more fun when you have support from the ones you love!





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