Holiday-Inspired Fundraising Idea

As a school or youth sports team, you’re probably always looking for unique fundraising ideas to excite your fans about supporting you year after after. In the spirit of gratitude and giving this holiday season, how about a plan to give back to your community? Because nothing says “thank you” for your support like paying-it-forward. Here’s how it would work:

Run a SpiritCups fundraiser and for every one pack of cups sold, your school or sports team will make a donation or perform an act of service for members of your community. Here are some specific ideas of ways you could give back:

  • Donating canned good or packaged food items
  • Collecting gently used clothing, toys or books
  • Performing acts of service, e.g. helping elderly neighbors
  • Spreading kindness, e.g. compliments to brighten someone’s day

The possibilities are endless! And to encourage participants to pay-it-forward, all you need to do is include a simple form like the one below with your SpiritCups Fundraising catalogs. And don’t forget at the end of your fundraiser to share the impact you made on your website and through social media.