Frequently Asked Questions

What are SpiritCups?

SpiritCups are 18-ounce, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, plastic cups with one-of-a-kind 3D animation. The cups are proudly made in the USA and are sold as a 4-pack of the same team design.

What are SpiritTravelCups?

SpiritTravelCups are perfect for keeping hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. The cups are insulated 16-ounce, dishwasher safe, snap-closure lid, BPA-free and made in the USA. They also feature the same exclusive 3D animation seen on our SpiritCups. SpiritTravelCups with lids are sold as a 2-pack of the same team design.

How much money does an organization receive from the sale of these products?

SpiritCups & SpiritTravelCups Catalog Programs

What teams do you feature?

SpiritCups feature all 32 National Football League teams, all 30 National Hockey League® teams, all 30 Major League Baseball clubs, America’s top colleges and five branches of the U.S. Military.

SpiritTravelCups feature all 32 National Football League teams, all 30 Major League Baseball clubs, top selling colleges and five branches of the U.S. Military.

Are your cups dishwasher-safe? Microwave-safe?

All products are dishwasher safe but top shelf recommended. We do not recommend any of these products be used in the microwave.

Can your products be frozen?

It is not recommended that any of our products be frozen due to possible cracking.

Are other professional sports or college teams available?

We are often asked why we do not offer certain colleges, NBA teams, NASCAR drivers or other sports properties. Our decision to add new teams is a detailed process that involves the analysis of a given market, the ability of our customers to sell the teams across the country and the costs associated with additional licensing. We collect requests over the course of the year and our product development team meets annually to conduct the analysis and make additional licensing decisions.

We can’t make any promises but as a general rule of thumb, the more requests we receive, the better the chance of us adding the team. If you would like to make a request, please contact our Customer Care team through our website or call 888-825-9339.

The SpiritCups Fundraising Program

What is my organization’s earning potential?

Organizations earn from 40% profit:

SpiritCups & SpiritTravelCups Catalog Programs

How does online ordering work through SpiritCupsDirect.com?

All organizations receive a free SpiritCupsDirect.com online e-store account to help gain support outside of their community. Supporters simply select the items they want, pay tax, shipping and handling and their order is shipped directly to the address of their choice. Available items include 4-packs of SpiritCups and 2-packs of SpiritTravelCups, both sold for $20.00 with $7.00 profit going back to the fundraising organization. Please call 888-825-9339 for additional questions.

Can I buy SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups directly from your company if I’m not involved in a fundraiser?

Due to licensing restrictions we can only sell our products for use in fundraisers. If you would like to buy individual products, we suggest that you post a request on our Facebook page or contact Fundraising Support at 888-825-9339. They will look to see if they can connect you with an active fundraiser in your area.

Where can I find more information about increasing parent involvement in fundraising?

One of our media partners, PTO Today, is an excellent resource for organizations seeking fundraising tips, information and tools for increasing parent involvement and participation in fundraising.


How do I place my organization’s master order?

Go to the E-Store and log in with the Customer ID and Password you received in the initial sign-up process. Place your master order using categories on the left and add items to your shopping cart. Review your shopping cart and then check out. For additional help, see the Quick Reference Guide. You can also mail in the top copies of your participants’ order forms and we will place your master order for you. Learn more about your order options.

I forgot my customer ID or password – how can I retrieve it?

When placing your master order you will be asked to sign in. If you know your customer ID, but not your password, click on “Forgot Your Password.” Provide your customer ID and the password will be emailed to the fundraising coordinator who started the program. If you have forgotten both your customer ID and password, please call Customer Care at 888-825-9339.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover), check/money order, or school purchase order.

How long will it take for my organization to receive the final order?

Once your organization submits your master order, we will ship your order within 3 weeks, providing we have received your payment or purchase order within five days of receipt of the master order. Please see the image below to illustrate the time frame.


I received a payment error – what could be the problem?

Please verify your payment information. If you are making payment using Visa Debit, please verify your daily limit amount with your bank. This is a common payment error for orders over $500. Please contact Customer Care at 888-825-9339 if you have questions.

Will sales tax be added to organization orders?

At this time select states are required to pay sales tax. For more information click here.

Is there a shipping and handling fee?

First order – Shipping will be waived on orders of 250+ items with a flat $30 charge on orders under 250 items.

Subsequent Orders – Shipping will be waived on one additional order within 30 days of placing first order.

I ordered the wrong item. Can I return it and swap it for the correct one?

Yes. Please return the product and enclose a Return and Exchange form. Download the Return and Exchange form here.

SpiritCups Returns & Exchanges Policy

You may return and exchange products with your sales receipt or packing slip within 30 days from your date of delivery for the exchange of a product of similar value. Please note that non-defective returns must be returned in new and unused condition along with its original packing materials. Returns will be processed within 10 days of receipt.

We’ve already submitted our master order, but we’re interested in ordering additional product. How do we place an additional order?

Go to the E-Store and log in with the Customer ID and Password you used to place your master order. Place your additional order using categories on the left and add items to your shopping cart. Review your shopping cart and then check out. For additional help, see the Quick Reference Guide. Shipping will be waived on one additional order within 30 days of placing first order.