Life Lessons Learned from Rio

Life-Lessons-Learned-from-Rio-SocialThere are only a couple days remaining in the 2016 Rio Olympics. In addition to an incredible show of athleticism, we feel these games have provided some really important life lessons to talk about with your family.

  • Compete Clean – If Katie Ledecky isn’t proof of this concept, we don’t know who is – with hard work, you can win fair and square. And the best athletes don’t need, nor do they want to use any performance enhancing drugs or other dishonest measures to advance in their sport.
  • Family is Family – With media discussions about Simone Biles’ adopted parents and other athletes’ family dynamics, let’s take a moment to remember that families are not one-size-fits-all. And the most important things are love and support, without which none of the Olympics athletes would be where they are today.
  • Be a Good Sport – Cordial and even cocky (*ahem* Michael Phelps) competition is healthy, especially in highly competitive sports. But at the end of the race or game, regardless of whether you won or lost, you should give your opponent(s) a handshake or hug, look them in the eyes and say “nice job”. Because attitude is everything.

Huge congrats to Team USA on your successes thus far – you have truly made us proud in more ways than one!