SpiritTravelCup Saves the Day

barbs-story-social-blogBarb, a mom of boys and SpiritCup Fundraising fan from years of running the program for a travel baseball organization, shared this amazing story with us on Facebook and we just had to pass it along!

“I was nervously leaving the house on my first day of school this year with my arms full of everything, including my morning coffee. As I loaded my van, I sat my SpiritTravelCup on top of the side door. Of course I forgot it there as I left for school. When I turned the corner, I heard a ‘thunk’ and couldn’t figure out what it was. I stopped at the light and then saw the edge of my SpiritTravelCup in my mirror. So I headed through the light and pulled over to grab the cup. When I finally got it, it had been caught by the groove of my van door and it never spilled a drop!! I use that cup every day and was going to be upset if I had broken it or lost it. I was so excited to find it still full of coffee!! Just wanted you to know that I LOVE my SpiritTravelCup!!”

Barb – Thank you so much for sharing and your loyalty to SpiritCups Fundraising!