Teacher Appreciation Ideas

It’s hard to put into words, gifts or celebrations just how much we appreciate our teachers, but we can certainly try! See below for some fun and meaningful ideas and contact us if you need extra funds to cover your costs!

  • Set the Bar Higher – Give teachers something to be excited about during Teacher Appreciation Week by surprising them with a different food “bar” each day. Sample ideas include popcorn, sundaes, baked potatoes, nachos or salads.
  • Walk of Fame – Put big stars outside of each teacher’s classroom and/or create a Walk of Fame into the Teacher’s Lounge with a star for each teacher. For added appreciation, include their “leading role” or claim to fame within your school, e.g. Most School Spirit or Best Storyteller
  • Stock the Classroom – We all know that teachers often purchase their own classroom supplies. So one idea is to conduct a survey of teachers’ top needs and wants to help make their jobs just a little easier and surprise them with a care package!
  • More Hands on Deck – Recruit parent volunteers to help with some of teachers’ added responsibilities like recess or lunch duty to give them more free time to lesson plan and grade papers – work they’d otherwise take home with them.
  • Let them Shop – Treats with a cute printable like these are great, but sometimes the best present is a gift card – essentially an invitation to spend a little money on themselves. Amazon is always a good option, as is places like Target or national chain restaurants.

How will your school celebrate their special teachers?