Testimonial: Happy Grandparents Make Happy Fundraisers

october-newsletter-2016-1Thank you to this grandparent for summing up what makes SpiritCups fundraisers so successful – a one-of-a-kind product that turns excited supporters into happy customers!

“I had to email you to tell you how happy that I am about receiving your cups!  They, by far, are the best!  The quality is superb and I love how they keep my coffee hot!  These are the BEST fundraising item that we have ever purchased!  Finally, a school that my granddaughter goes to came up with a fundraiser item that people can not only use, but enjoy to have!  The high quality has really impressed us!  It’s nice to receive fundraiser products that we can actually use wisely and are not a bunch of junk that you cannot use or are overpriced!  Keep up the great work…and THANK YOU for making such FANTASTIC cups!  Have a blessed day!” – Karen Capron