Tricks and Treats for Fundraising First-Timers

So you’re planning your first fundraiser? See below for some pointers from the experts at SpiritCups Fundraising and take comfort in knowing that even the most experienced fundraising coordinators had to start somewhere!

  1. Time it just right by factoring in 4-6 weeks from kickoff (getting participants started) to the end of the fundraiser and another 2 weeks until you distribute the product.
  2. Clearly define why you’re fundraising, e.g. to purchase new uniforms, and provide a per participant goal to help everyone feel more engaged.
  3. Participating in a fundraiser is rarely top-of-mind for busy families, so be sure to provide friendly reminders and progress updates on achieving your goal.
  4. Incentives are proven to help increase participation, so be sure to build some in like a pizza party for the top-selling team/classroom or tiered prizes based on items sold.
  5. And a little treat for those just starting to vet fundraising programs… call 888-825-9339 or click here to request a FREE SpiritCup sample!

And if you have any questions or need any other support, we’re happy to help!