Ways to Balance Media Usage

Without the structure of school, it’s common for families to fall into bad media habits in the summer. So now is a great time to set some guidelines so everyone is happy, healthy and productive. Here are some practices to consider putting in place.

  • No Devices During Dinner – Use meal times to connect with family members, not personal devices. Turn off the TV too.
  • Encourage Education – When there is whining to watch TV or play with an iPad, require an educational show or learning app first.
  • Power Down Early – To ensure restful sleep, turn off the TV and devices well in advance of bedtime and instead take an evening walk, a hot shower or read a book.
  • Media after Movement – Like outlined by Fuel Up to Play 60, kids should get at least 1 hour of physical activity a day. Once they’ve reached that goal, then consider some media time.
  • Make it Special – Instead of media to just fill the time, make it a special treat! For example, you could plan the evening around one special show the family likes to watch together or incentivize daily chores to earn 15 minute increments.