Why Baseball Will Always be America’s Pastime

April 3rd is MLB Opening Day, so now is the time to start a fundraiser with SpiritCups and SpiritTravelCups in all 30 MLB clubs! And if you don’t already know, here’s why baseball will always be America’s pastime.

  • It’s timeless – While there are other sports that may be more “exciting”, the slower cadence of baseball is what makes it so enjoyable. It’s a blast to the past of quieter, more simple times.
  • It’s impressionable  – Just like depicted in the iconic song, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, there is nothing like the experience of seeing a baseball game live. If you grew up playing baseball or attending games, you know the feeling well.
  • It’s accessible – Whether you’re playing catch in the backyard, hitting balls at a batting cage, starting out with tee ball or making it to the Major Leagues, the fundamentals are the same. So people of all ages and all abilities can enjoy the game!

To start a fundraiser with the power and mass appeal of MLB, click here or call 888-825-9339.