School Fundraising Success Story: Christie Elementary PTA

School Fundraising Success Story:
Christie Elementary PTA

“We have run many fall fundraisers and our average profit margin was from $2,500 to $3,000. Most of our fundraisers were cookie dough or some sort of perishable item. We had all decided to try something different and found SpiritCups. Many were skeptical on how cups would do, but once our first week of sales started we had almost hit half of our past year fundraising profit. We have about 650 kids at the school, but as in most cases, not everyone participates. So we actually had about half get involved.

“We sold over $18,000 worth of cups and still had many buyers that wanted to order even after the fundraiser was over. We profited over $8,000, which was huge for our school. We had no idea how big this fundraiser would turn out, but the whole school was very pleased. A huge key helper thatSpiritCups provided for us was the sample cups. We made sure that every child involved had a sample cup. The order form was great, but the cup provided a helpful visual for customers.

“In our district, many schools are gauging to get at least one Apple iPad in each classroom. We had expectations at the beginning of the year to get a couple and build off that each year. But since we did extremely better than expected, we were able to purchase 13 iPads. We will definitely be using SpiritCups again for this school year.”

Fundraising Organizer, Christie Elementary PTA