All the Ways to Show Support

Fundraising is an important function for all youth organizations. Lucky for these impactful groups, there are lots of ways for parents and community fans to show their support.

Promoter – Help spread the word about local fundraisers by promoting their causes in conversations and on social media.

Supporter – Directly help groups reach their goals by making fundraising purchases. In return, your community might reciprocate and support the causes important to you.

Participant – The success of a fundraiser very much depends on participation, so take a catalog and join the troops raising money within your community.

Kickoff and Distribution Volunteer – The beginning and end of a fundraiser often require extra hands, so volunteer to help the fundraising coordinator during these busy times.

Fundraising Coordinator – Last, but certainly not least, you can be in charge of running the fundraiser from start to finish – selecting the program, setting the goal, recruiting participants, placing the order and managing distribution!