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Fundraiser Toolkits

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A. Fundraising Documents and Resources
B. Steps for a Successful SpiritCups Fundraiser
C. Participant Training

A. Fundraising Documents and Resources

The downloadable documents available below will help you learn more about, promote and manage your SpiritCups fundraiser.

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Promoting Your Catalog Fundraiser

Managing Your Catalog Fundraiser

Custom Cups

B. Steps for a Successful SpiritCups Fundraiser

Below are the seven recommended steps for a successful SpiritCups Fundraising program.

1. Establish a Game Plan

      • Objective: Determine a clear, communicable objective and ensure all participants understand their pitch, ie. “We’re raising money to help fund a new playground.”
      • Programs: SpiritCups & SpiritTravelCups – available in our Catalog or Online Programs. Run both programs together to get support from your community and across the country!
      • Timeline: Set start and end dates. Typically, programs run for 2-3 weeks.
      • Materials: Order SpiritCups Fundraising catalogs.
      • Goals: Establish a goal for total and per participant packs sold. Be sure to emphasize the profits you will raise if all participants reach their goal.
      • Prizes: Create experience prizes, ie. special lunch with the principal, or other incentives, ie. gift cards, to increase participation and overall excitement about the program.

2. Conduct a High Energy Kickoff

      • Communicate: Clearly communicate your objective, timeline, goals and prizes established above.
      • Distribute: Provide all participants with SpiritCups Fundraising catalogs and be sure everyone signs up for their free, unique e-store links to generate online sales.
      • Organize: To ensure a smooth program, make sure all participants understand the order and payment collection process.
      • Excite: Be sure to emphasize the objective and goals participants are working towards with enthusiasm. PTO Today is a great resource for ideas on how to increase parent and participant excitement and involvement.

3. Promote the Program

      • Participants: Individual participants and/or their parents should reach out to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. And remember that orders placed through are shipped directly, so it doesn’t matter where your supporters live!
      • Administration: Organizations can help support their participants by promoting the SpiritCups Fundraising program on their website, via printed materials (available downloads above) and on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter (social media resources).

4. Provide Participants with Updates & Encouragement

      • Progress: Announce “mid-fundraising” progress to encourage continued or increased participation.
      • Encouragement: Tell participants how proud you are of their efforts and reemphasize your objective and goals.
      • Reminders: Remind participants of the fundraiser end date and instructions for order and payment collection.

5. Submit & Pay for Master Order

      • Collect: Collect order forms and payments from each participant.
      • Complete State Sales Tax Exempt Form:  If you are state sales tax exempt, you must fill out the tax exempt form prior to entering your order (24-48 hours processing time). Click here for more information.
      • Order: Place your Master Order in the E-Store or mail in the top copies of your participants’ order forms and we’ll enter your Master Order for you. Learn more about your order options.
      • Shipping: Shipping will be waived on Master Orders of over 250+ items with a flat $30.00 charge on orders under 250 items (effective Jan 21st, 2017).
      • Pay: Submit payment or purchase order. Note that payment must be cleared or purchase order submitted before we can begin processing your order for shipment.
      • Additional Order: Shipping will be waived on one additional order within 30 days of placing first order. Call Customer Care at 888-825-9339 if you have any questions.

6. Receive Shipment & Distribute Products

      • Pre-Packing: Orders of 50+ cup items will be pre-packed for individual participants. Orders under 50 cup items will be shipped as a single, bulk shipment for distribution.
      • Prepare: Recruit volunteers and establish day/time/location for distribution.
      • Shipment: Your order will ship 3 weeks after your payment has cleared or purchase order was submitted.
      • Communicate: Announce distribution day, time and location to all participants and volunteers.
      • Confirm: When you receive your SpiritCups Fundraising shipment, double check items against your Master Order and report any errors to Customer Care at 888-825-9339.
      • Distribute: Referring to the distribution instructions sent with your shipment, distribute items to individual participants.
      • Returns/Exchanges: To return or exchange items, call Customer Care at 888-825-9339 and then complete this return/exchange form.

7. Show Appreciation

      • Last, but not least, be sure your organization and individual participants show appreciation for your customers’ support in obtaining your objective.

C. Participant Training

Below are some tips to help your participants achieve success and reach your per participant goals.

1. Introduction

      • Participants should introduce themselves and then clearly communicate your organization’s fundraising objective, ie. “We are raising money to help fund a new playground,” as well as how a SpiritCups Fundraising program works:
        · Organizations receive a portion of the proceeds for every item sold – 4-pack of SpiritCups, 2-pack of SpiritTravelCups.
        · The more we sell, the higher profits we receive.
        · Products are offered in America’s favorite NFL, NHL®, MLB and college teams.
      • Be sure to sign up for your free e-store link to generate online sales.

2. Engaging the Customer

      • Tap in to their team affiliation by asking, “What’s your favorite team?”
      • Give them time and space to review the SpiritCups Fundraising catalog, so they can see all the products and teams available.
      • If the customer is torn between products or teams, be willing to help make a recommendation.
      • Increase your per customer orders by inquiring about other sports fans in their lives and pointing out what great gifts SpiritCups Fundraising products make.

3. Closing the Sale

      • Confirm you understand their order – items and quantity.
      • Record contact information accurately – name and phone number.
      • Collect money.

4. Express Appreciation

    • Thank the customer for their support.
    • Provide the approximate date customer should expect to receive their items.
    • Confirm that you will call the customer when your organization receives the shipment to set-up plans to deliver their items.