New Catalog 2017

SpiritCups Fundraising 2017 Catalog Please click here for a PDF version of our new catalog for 2017

What’s New about the Catalog?
The SpiritCups Fundraising catalog now includes available designs and a built-in order form all-in-one! No more fumbling around with multiple documents. Simply sell officially licensed sports drinkware and record orders with our new catalog.

Another feature includes actual size images of our drinkware with selling points, so your supporters really get a feel for the products.

SpiritCups Fundraising 2017 Catalog Product Detail

The full inside view shows all available teams and design SKUs with an adjacent order form for simple order taking.

SpiritCups Fundraising 2017 Catalog SKUs and Order Form

What’s New about our Fundraising Program?
To help you reach your fundraising goal faster, we are now offering a GUARANTEED 40% PROFIT on all our catalog fundraisers. That means your group will earn $8.00 per 4-pack of SpiritCups or 2-pack of SpiritTravelCups, regardless of number of packs sold.

We are also offering free shipping to groups who sell 250 or more packs of cups. And when your group sells 300 or more packs, we will individually pre-pack your complete catalog order by participant.

Lastly, we’re making a commitment to create new designs more frequently to keep your fans coming back for more year-after-year!

To see how those designs become the 3D lenticular cups everyone knows and loves, check out this awesome video from our parent company, Dynamic Drinkware.

How Do I Submit My Orders?
We offer three great options for submitting orders.

Option 1 – Online order entry using our E-Store. For instructions on entering your catalog order online, please refer to this helpful guide.

Option 2 – Mail your orders to us and we’ll do the entry for you. For mail-in orders, we recommend the following:

  1. Make a copy of each of the order forms in your catalog order.
  2. Mail-in the copies with your contact and account information to SpiritCups Fundraising 3904 Oleander Drive, Suite 200A, Wilmington, NC 28403

Option 3 – Email your orders to moc.s1534650986pucti1534650986rips@1534650986ofni1534650986 and save some time and money. Make sure you include the GROUP NAME and ACCOUNT NUMBER (provided in your welcome email when you start your fundraiser) in the subject line.

HELPFUL HINTS: You can use your smartphone to scan a copy of your order forms by downloading a free scan app like Tiny Scanner or Genius Scan. Once you scan your order forms, you can simply email them to us directly from your phone. We recommend saving your order forms in groups of 10 or less so the PDF file size is not too large for sending via email.

Other Notes:
1) No changes to our free online SpiritCups Direct fundraising program. Groups receive $7.00 profit for each pack of cups sold.
2) Please click here for our latest info flyer.

If you have any questions regarding our new catalog or program, please contact our Customer Care team at 888-825-9339. If you are ready to start your fundraiser with a fantastic new catalog and guaranteed 40% profit, CLICK HERE.