Three No or Low-Cost Ideas for Baseball Team Building

Youth Baseball Team

Camaraderie among players is the foundation of a great baseball team and, often times, friendships that last a lifetime. Based on our experiences running fundraisers with some really cohesive groups over the years, we put together these three no or low-costs ideas for effective team building on and off the field.

  • Encourage Nicknames – To the announcer and crowd, they’ll always be known by their number and last name. But to instill some camaraderie, encourage players to give one another unique nicknames based on notable personality traits, e.g. “Chuckles” for a contagious laugh, or skills, e.g. “Cheetah” for a fast runner. For added fun, hold a naming ceremony at a team get-together!
  • Secret Signals or Handshakes – The catcher and pitcher have their own signals for during the game, but how about other secret signals or a handshake that all players can use to communicate in everyday life? Because sharing a bond off the field, helps players feel more connected when in matters most – during practice and games.
  • Create a Community – The support from fans in the stands and throughout the community cannot be understated. So encourage coaches and parents to connect by hosting team events, e.g. after game dinner at a local restaurant, and get your team name and logo out there with affordable team swag like Custom Cups from SpiritCups Fundraising.Custom Baseball Cups